#teamOCTO Spotlight: Wendell Scott

Hey #teamOCTO Family! Meet Wendell Scott!

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So, what brought you to Team Octopus?

I was looking for a change in my health and in my body. I had been dancing at Walt Disney World for two years and I was looking to pack on some muscle. I don’t like typical gyms and I knew Team Octopus was different.

You started out with Kickboxing. How was your first class?

Awful! Mark was great, I was awful. There was a lot more that went into the class than I thought. It is more than just punching a bag, it’s learning the correct technique and increasing your stamina. Both of which I wasn’t used to.

You switched to CrossFit recently. What made you decide to try it?

The last time I lifted weights was my Freshman year of high school. There is so much offered here at the gym and I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. My body has changed so much, so quickly. The personal attention here at Team Octopus is amazing! The trainers truly care about your best performance. You just can’t get that at a traditional gym.

What changes have you made outside of the gym to encourage your new healthy lifestyle?

I have started meditating more & caring for myself. I grew up in a world of “guest service”, where taking care of other people’s needs is the priority. Since starting at Team Octopus, I have been inspired to really move forward with my passions and goals. I am traveling more and just taking time for me.

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning at Team Octopus?

Pace yourself, in all respects. Stay nutritious. If your body is getting the best nutrition, you will see the results of your hard work in the gym. Don’t feel intimidated. Everyone here is a family, I truly believe that. Everyone may have different fitness goals on an individual level, but being fit and healthy is what we all want.

Wendell, we think you’re great and we love having you at our gym! Keep up the good work!

#teamOCTO Spotlight wishes all our members a safe and wonderful holiday season! We will see you in the New Year!


– Lauren

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