#teamOCTO Spotlight: Brianna Stade

Hey #teamOCTO! Meet our very own Falcon’s cheerleader, Brianna Stade!

What brought you to Team Octopus?  The Groupon brought me to Team Octopus, the workout and team hooked me for the membership. I had taken kickboxing elsewhere but loved the vibe of Team Octopus. Everyone is so welcoming.

You started out with Kickboxing. How was your first class?  The first class was rough! I had no idea what I was doing. But I knew I was drenched in sweat after and sore that night, so I loved it.


You switched to CrossFit recently. What made you decide to try it?  I love kickboxing and still do it about 3 times a week but wanted to gain more strength and learn how to lift properly. David had let me take a few classes in the past so I knew it was something that would help me in every aspect of my fitness. When the Gilt City promo came around it wasn’t even a question whether I was going to do it. And I’m SO glad I did. I’ve already seen progress and I love that it can be competitive, in a fun way of course.

What changes have you made outside of the gym to support your healthy lifestyle?  Outside the gym I teach barre and take yoga to have a bit more ‘gentle’ workout if you will, and to keep myself flexible. I have been maintaining a clean diet to keep me going through all the activity.  And LOTS of water.

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning at Team Octopus? Get ready to sweat! You’ll have a great workout and gain strength and stamina. Don’t feel intimidated, everyone wants to see you succeed. And make a friend. It will keep you coming back on days you don’t want to.


Brianna just finished her 2nd season cheering for the Atlanta Falcons. Prior to cheering for the Falcons she danced competitively in college at Hawaii Pacific University and at her high school back in California. She has won image35 National titles in Dance, and has been dancing pretty much her whole life. Outside of her 9-5 job and the Falcons, Brianna also teaches barre at a local studio in Buckhead. She loves staying active, finding new workouts and doing anything outdoors. In regards to her diet, Brianna said, “In my off season for Falcons I try to maintain my fitness and even improve it for auditions. I have to keep a clean diet for all the activity I do to fuel me. I focus on lean proteins, lots of veggies, fruit, whole grains high in fiber and lots and lots of water.”

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