#teamOCTO Spotlight: Robert Kushner

Hey #teamOCTO! Meet Robert “Bubba” Kushner!

What brought you to Team Octopus?
I’ve always been involved in contact sports and I’ve always been intrigued in MMA. It’s a great release of the stresses life brings and the workout is phenomenal. Plus, its not bad to learn how to throw a couple deadly punches.


How was your first class?
My first class was great. I took boxing with Coach Eric Williams. Great energy and boxing knowledge. Despite your skill level he stayed interested in your progressions and fundamentals. My favorite has been the Jiu-Jitsu! I can’t wait to get better technically and look forward to submitting my man Koon!

What changes have you made outside of the gym to compliment a healthy lifestyle?
As much as I love Team Octo, I have to get my weights in. My fiancé and I hit the gym 4-5 days a week in addition to walking are 140lb Rottweiler, “Lebron”.

You’ve been busy these days! Tell us about BuffBoxx?
I left my position as GM of The IVY Buckhead to put everything into my new company. BuffBoxx is a premium fitness subscription box that delivers a range of products from Reebok apparel to accessories to snacks and meals! We launched on the 1st and we are extremely excited to see where this goes.

What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning at Team Octopus?
Ask questions. Both the staff and members are very respectful of each other and quick to lend advice. There is a very comfortable environment here…unless you’re caught in an arm-bar!

Robert has created an exclusive deal for Team Octopus members! Use promo code: TEAMOCTO to receive 10% off BuffBoxx order!

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