Over the years I’ve trained at 6 different martial arts/mma gyms, from here to Seattle. Saraiva MMA is by far the most fun and comfortable gym I’ve been to. The instructors are knowledgeable, hands on, and treat you like family from the moment you first walk in the door. I’ve trained at many gyms that were friendly, many that are professional, and even ones that were run by ufc veterans, but I’ve never felt as welcomed as I have at Saraiva. If you’re interested in getting in shape, mma, or martial arts in general I would highly recommend checking this place out.” Caelin

“I am not good at reviews but these are my observations. The gym is very professional and staff is very knowledgeable of their respective arts … Students’ skill ranges from beginner to professional so if you think you got what it takes, you can spar them at anytime. Classes are small to medium, which allows more one on one training and instructors are willing to take time after class to help w/ techniques. I see plenty of fat people here who bust their a**es and achieve results. I see plenty of wimps become confident quickly. Don’t come here if you want to sit on the couch and talk. Diego/Jeff/Jose know their ish .. Holla.” Jason

“I love this place. I’ve been going for about 2 months 3 times a week and not only have I lost 15lbs i actually look forward to the next classes. At first I was intimidated being a girl in a predominately male sport but its the best thing I’ve ever done. I like the energy of this gym compared to the other MMA gyms. The instructors are top notch and take the time to make sure I improve techniques. The other people in the classes are also really friendly. I’ve been to other MMA gyms and I definitely felt like the outsider new kid in a new school. I originally signed up to lose weight because some of my friends were saying how kickboxing can burn 800 calories per class but now I look forward to becoming a better fighter. I even enjoy going to wild bills and watching the fights. There is also a conditioning class Tues and Thurs that I absolutely LOVE! I can tell that I have gotten stronger and in better shape from this class. I’ve had personal trainers before but this class combines kettlebells, push/pull, weights all kinds of techniques that i’ve never seen before. I feel like I get a better workout in this one class than a personal training session. I used to have problems sleeping at night but now I sleep like a baby especially nights after class. I recommend this gym to anyone. I’ve tried a couple mma gyms nearby as well as classes in gyms but this is the only one i’ve stuck with and seen results. I get everything I need in this one gym. Cardio and strength training.” Jenny

I love Team Octopus… When i was first introduced to this place i was quite skeptical since I had never stuck to sports that involved training. But now I have been going for a couple months everyday. I not only, learned self defense, but also about the art. I had done kickboxing else where, but nothing ever felt right. Here you can feel at home with the people and the trainers know what they are doing. I originally started to keep fit for the next swim season, but instead found a sport i love and i can do year round I am even introducing MMA to all my friends. The people here are nice and know their stuff and there isn’t a better place to train at than Team Octopus” Tiffani

My Second Home! I love this place! i just recently signed up a couple months ago and i absolutely love it! All the instructors are very patient, friendly, and very skilled at what they do. Growing up i was very over weight. Throughout the next 8 years i exercised and dieted every day to lose a total of about 120lbs. After 8 years i hit a plateau and couldn’t find a workout or an exercise that challenged me until i join Team Octopus. At Team Octopus, my body is always pushed to its limits. All the classes here are hella hardcore but for an awesome work out that will leave you hella sore the next day, i recommend the conditioning class! i freaking love it! “ Kenny

THE BEST WORK OUT experience ever!!! I have been to various gyms around Atlanta for years and have tried many types of fitness classes but nothing as enjoyable and challenging as the Muay Thai and Jiu- Jitsu classes at Team Octopus. The trainers are awesome. Koon Lau, Jeff Perry and Diego Saraiva are extremely professional, knowledgable, and caring and I have always felt welcome there. To top it off I have gained the most amazing results within the past few months. I will never go back to any other fitness routine and I recommend this place to anyone looking for serious results and training. Team Octopus is where its at!!” Kat


Legal and Testimonial Disclaimer:

Individual results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. All testimonials are real and may not reflect the typical participant’s experience, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Every person has unique experiences, exercise habits, and eating habits. Thus, the experiences that we share from other people may not reflect the typical participant’s experience. However, these results are meant as a showcase of what many participants at Team Octopus have achieved. The end results achieved will depend on the individual and the effort put in. In addition, you assume certain risks inherent in exercise and nutrition programs by participating in classes at Team Octopus. You should not begin the program if you have a physical condition that makes intense exercise dangerous. There may be risks associated with participating in classes at Team Octopus for people in poor health or with pre-existing physical or mental health conditions. If you participate in these risks, you do so of your own free will and accord, knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks associated with such physical activities. These risks may also exist for those who are currently in good health right now. Please consult a physician before beginning any exercise or diet program.

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