Membership Questions

Suspend My Membership

This is a great way to keep your membership in place at a reduced cost. It works if you are not planning on using your membership for more than 30 days (medical issue, gone for the summer, etc.) and your dues are more than $10 a month.

  • Monthly Dues members may suspend their memberships for an indefinite amount of time for a fee of $10 per month. If your next billing date is within 10 days, the freeze is effective for the following month’s billing. When you decide to “unfreeze” your membership, you will be charged a pro-rated amount of your regular dues for that month.
  • Paid In Full members may suspend their memberships for up to 6 months by paying a $35 freeze fee. The expiration date on your membership will be increased by the amount of time you suspend your membership.
  • Weekly Dues members may not suspend their memberships.
    How to suspend your membership: Send a email to [email protected]


Cancel My Membership

The Buyer may cancel the membership at any time for any reason by paying a $399 1year agreement, $699 for 2years agreement and 999 for 3years agreement cancellation fee, unless they permanently move 25 miles away from the gym (must have a proof of address via utility bill with his/her name and new address). If Member returns to resume membership with Team Octopus, Inc, within 1 year, he/she will receive the cancellation fee in form of credit towards the new membership as long as the Member provides the cancellation fee receipt. To cancel the membership, a 30-day notice must be sent to Team Octopus via e-mail ([email protected]). If the Member wishes to make any membership changes (i.e. upgrades, downgrades, switches to different program) or wishes to cancel the membership, the account must be active (NOT frozen) and a 30-day notice must be sent via e-mail.


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