Victor Salcedo

Victor started training boxing at Jose Suleiman's boxing gym in Mexico at the age of 6 with his uncle, the European Champion at the time. Victor started competing in boxing at the age of 12.

His drive to become a martial artist helped him to find Taekwondo, were he obtained a red and blue belt and eventually Muay Thai.

Victor started training in Kickboxing and Muay Thai in 1998 at a local gym. Soon after he started training he met Khunpon, a Muay Thai champion from Thailand. Since then, Victor has trained under the guidance of Khunpon in which he has helped several local and world champions from Thailand prepare for their upcoming fights.

Victor is a certified trainer and has been in the fitness industry for several years. He has instructed Kickboxing, Boxing, Bootcamp, CrossFit and Muay Thai classes. You can find Victor instructing high energy challenging classes at Team Octopus!


Boxing 10 – 4 
Taekwondo 5 – 2
Muay Thai 7 – 1


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