Aubrey Postma

Age: 24
From : Winston-Salem , NC

At a young age, I enjoyed sports & being outside . I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue as a career until my second year of college . I fell in love with anatomy & physiology & was fascinated of how the mind & body worked . I studied exercise science for three years at two different universities (Georgia Regents University (now re named as Augusta University) & Georgia state university in Atlanta , GA . I ended up getting my CPT certification through NASM (national academy of sports medicine) at the Atlanta School of Massage in 2017–a 600 hour clinical training program. Currently, I am going through the process of maintaining a corrective exercise certification through NASM. I have been personal training for two years & am absolutely in love with it. It’s an honor to see someone progress & push themselves to be a better & stronger individual physically & mentally.

I am a highly motivated NASM Certified Personal Trainer, passionate for encouraging individuals to accomplish their fitness goals in a supportive, positive and energetic environment in order to make healthy changes to exercise the body as well as the mind. I focus on clients’ balance, strength , flexibility, stability, core, muscular endurance, performance, recovery & cardiorespiratory endurance . I monitor clients progress on body composition analysis , muscular efficiency (InBody) , nutritional guidance. I get so much out of helping others achieve their fitness & life goals–what a wonderful process to experience & watch with a client .

Jose Trevino

Jose Trevino is one of Team Octopus’s newest strength and conditioning coaches .
He specializes in functional movement, fascial work, mobility, corrective exercise, nutrition, sports performance and biomechanics.
 Jose loves teaching kettlebell movements and olympic lifts for power and performance.Whether you are a beginner or advanced,he has got you covered. Form,breathing,and proper movement are some of the key things he imparts on people.
 Jose went to UNC Chapel Hill for sports and exercise science. With almost a decade of training, he has acquired numerous certifications along the way.
He went on to be an instructor for the National Academic of Sports Medicine by way of The Atlanta Personal Training Program.
Jose also does strength & conditioning / nutrition camps for kickboxing,mma,Olympic qualifiers,and bjj competitors. Ask him about it if you are planning on competing!
  Once you get to know Jose, you will soon see his love for these three things! Always caffeinated,has cat tattoos,and loves jiu jitsu. Jose is a blue belt with Team Roberto Traven / Team Octopus.

Rachel Watters

Rachel Watters leads the total body conditioning Circuit Training Program at Team Octopus Sandy Springs, as well as works as an individual personal trainer. Catering to both beginners and seasoned clients with varying athletic backgrounds and abilities, her customized training programs are ideal for anyone looking to increase their cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, build muscle, reach sport-specific performance goals, and improve agility and range of motion. She is an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) certified personal trainer and her educational background includes a Bachelors in Business and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. Rachel currently competes at the national level in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing and has earned elite podium finishes at the 2017 OCR World Championship and among race series such as Spartan Race, Savage Race, Green Beret Challenge, Tough Mudder, and more. Rachel’s passion for people and her interest in personal development have been the key factors that have led her into a career in fitness. Her training philosophy follows the ideology that “the only person that you are trying to beat is the person that you were yesterday,” and she believes that we should engage in a process of continuously evolving to become the best version of ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. As a coach and trainer she strives to help others to achieve their goals, not only through improving their physical capacities, but in developing confidence, mental fortitude, and a sense of personal accountability towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Huong Siegal

At a friend’s urging, Huong finally tried out Crossfit. She was hooked and never looked back. She loved it so much that she wanted to share her passion for Crossfit with others and decided to get her Level 1. Seeing how Crossfit transformed her strength and power, she loves to empower women to lift heavy to get stronger. Huong’s background of lifting came from the bodybuilding world where she competed in figure competitions. When she’s not coaching or doing a WOD, Huong’s other passions include rock climbing, mountaineering, yoga, skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, and any other sports that takes her outside. Huong and her husband enjoy adventure travel and an active lifestyle together. She started rock climbing because she had a fear of heights and that soon led to mountaineering. Huong has been to Everest base camp and Kala Patthar in Nepal and summited Mount Aconcagua in December 2011 at 22, 841 feet for her honeymoon. She was also the first Vietnamese person to accomplish this feat. When she’s not active, she enjoys healthy cooking and baking.

Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia walked into his first CrossFit gym in 2011 and has been in love with the sport ever since then. His passion and joy for coaching are displayed in all of his classes. Jonathan takes pleasure in seeing athletes achieve all kinds of milestones in their CrossFit journey, from a first double under, to a rope climb, to a muscle up. Jonathan opened and co-owned a very successful CrossFit gym in Louisville, KY until he moved back to Atlanta in 2014.

Kaitlynn Panda Anderson

Kaitlynn Anderson aka Panda was introduced to CrossFit through a competition. Without previous experience, and being the only female to compete, she placed and won a membership to Extreme CrossFit. That was it though, she was hooked. There was never enough CrossFit so she was then mentored by her coach and went for the Level 1 Certification. It was still not enough, seeing the need for her female athletes, Coach Panda received her CrossFit Defense Certification from Tony Blauer himself. Having been with Extreme CrossFit for a year, it was a move back home that brought her to Georgia. Panda has been a Coach for over 2 years and an athlete for almost 3 and she still can’t get enough CrossFit, taking advantage of every learning opportunity and is driven to one day obtain the prestigious CF-L4. Coach Panda is also part of a Barbell Club and competes in Olympic Lifting Meets.

Cookies and Kilos 2015-Gold Medal Masters 75+kilo weight class

The HD Classic 2016-Gold Medal Masters 75+kilo weight class

Kyle Waters

Kyle Waters found CrossFit in late 2011 on Youtube. He was that guy in the Globe Gym doing CrossFit, and soon thereafter, he found a box and the rest was history. His athletic background is in track and field on the D1 Collegiate level. The certifications that he holds are through USA track and field, USA weightlifting, and a L1 in CrossFit. Kyle has been coaching since 2014, with plans to further his certifications as well as his overall education and knowledge of fitness.