Lose weight and shape up now!!! Our goal is to give you a high energy group workout class in one hour to tone up your body. You will sweat and burn up to 900 calories at the same time.

Our workout will have you punching and kicking a heavy bag as well as giving you a core and cardio exercises that will result in weight loss and muscle toning. You will release stress and feel better as you leave. Your flexibility, coordination, and endurance will all be improved. In addition, your mind will be more peaceful.

Kickboxing classes at Team Octopus are unique in that they are always different so that you don’t get bored or used to the same routine. Our classes are for women and men of all ages. We offer fun, unlimited classes in the morning and evening, six days a week. With classes offered at so many times and days, you have no excuse not to come in and train! So many of us lead very busy lives to the point where we often don’t have time or the energy to work out. Do your body a favor by taking the first step to try out a class!



kickboxing gymTotally bored with regular gym workouts? Team Octopus offers fun, exciting and effective workout classes that are tailored to getting you in shape.

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kickboxingBurn up to 900 calories in an hour workout! We offer an array of fitness classes that’s made to revolve around your busy life. Check out our class schedules!

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