Muay Thai

Coaches: Jeff Perry, Joseph Murdaugh, Koon Lau

Duration: 1 hour

Attire: Shirt and Thai shorts

Equipment: Boxing gloves, Hand wraps, mouth piece, groin protector, head gear (all available for sale at Team Octopus).


Muay Thai is considered to be one of the most effective styles of fighting and provides a full-body workout. This martial art is a form of kickboxing that originated in Thailand that utilizes kicks, punches, clinches, and strikes with the knees and elbows. Our highly qualified coaches understand that it may be confusing and even frustrating for a student’s beginning phase of training and this is why they encourage students to maintain an open-minded mentality when starting.

Your typical Muay Thai class at Team Octopus will consist of a warm-up, technique practice, pad work, and a cool-down. Each class emphasizes correct form and conditioning. Classes are designed to keep you engaged and interested. In addition, our coaches present the techniques and workouts in a way that everyone is included, no matter their level of experience.





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