Muay Thai

Our Muay Thai Program is a very fun and exciting experience. You will learn not only how to defend yourself while on your feet, but also get or stay in great shape. Muay Thai requires you to use your whole body as a weapon. We incorporate your hands, elbows, knees, shins, and feet as tools by which to strike an opponent, along with pushing your current conditioning to a new level. And don’t worry if you are not already in great shape. With a few weeks of class, your body will come around! You will be punching, kicking, and throwing knees and elbows in no time, and have an absolute blast doing it!
If you are looking to learn a very valuable and practical martial art, this is the class for you. Second to only, or perhaps tied with BJJ, Muay Thai is also one of the fastest growing and practiced martial arts today.

Benefits of Muay Thai:

  • Confidence and Discipline
  • Develops self awareness and assertiveness
  • Enhances flexibility and stamina
  • Excellent form of self-defense
  • Strength and speed
  • Strength conditioning
  • Stress reduction and positive attitude


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