Canceling Your Membership

What’s the policy for canceling a membership?

An Active member (account not frozen or any pass dues) may cancel the membership for any reason by providing Team Octopus with a 60-day notice. 60-day notice means your account will stay active for two more months. You will be responsible for any payments included within the 60 days. No exception.

Cancellations must be submitted in written form and email to [email protected]. After sending a cancellation request you will receive a confirmation number. Without a valid confirmation number, your account will remain active. (Verbal requests in person or on the phone are never accepted for cancellations.)

How do I cancel my membership?

You must email [email protected]. Be sure to provide the first and last name on the account and a phone number or your agreement number. Once the email is sent, one of our staff members will reply with any further details needed.