Coaches: Eric Williams, Elgin Edwards

Duration: 1 hour

Attire: Gym clothes (t-shirt, shorts, pants); Boxing shoes or wrestling shoes only

Equipment: Boxing gloves and hand wraps. If you plan on sparring, you must have a mouth piece, groin protector, head gear (all available for sale at Team Octopus).


Our boxing classes are some of the most popular at Team Octopus. Our experienced coaches provide a comprehensive, customized program to push and motivate you to become healthier and more confident. We combine traditional boxing techniques with conditioning drills to develop strength and cardio. You don’t need to have any type of boxing experience to start training. Most people attend classes as a way to increase their fitness level and learn self-defense. We know everyone’s goals are different so whether you are looking to compete or improve your physical conditioning, our coaches will try their best to help you get there.



kickboxing gymTotally bored with regular gym workouts? Team Octopus offers fun, exciting and effective workout classes that are tailored to getting you in shape.

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kickboxingBurn up to 900 calories in an hour workout! We offer an array of fitness classes that’s made to revolve around your busy life. Check out our class schedules!

mixed martial arts