Freeze Your Membership

How do I Freeze my membership?

Send an email to [email protected]

How long can I freeze my account?

Accounts can be frozen for an unlimited amount of time, but we are only able to suspend/freeze accounts for up to 3 months per request. At the end of each 3-month cycle, you must express a desire to extend the freeze for additional time. If your next billing date is within 10 days, the freeze is effective for the following month’s billing. When you decide to “unfreeze” your membership, you will be charged a pro-rated amount of your regular dues for that month. The expiration date on your membership will be increased by the amount of time you suspend/freeze your membership.

Paid In Full members may suspend/freeze their memberships for up to 6 months by paying a $35 freeze fee.

Do I pay anything when my account is frozen?

Yes. The suspension/freeze fee is $10 per month.